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    Kyle CramerKyle Cramer

    Here’s a little something to replenish your appetite: Layers of lasagna strips covered with thick tomato sauce, mixed fried minced beef, and sausages. Alternating layers of lasagna strips covered with white sauce made of cottage and Parmesan cheese, and seasonings consisting of salt, pepper and parsley, each layer filled with chopped vegetables. And to top it off, a thick layer of golden melted cheese and decorated with oregano and mint leaves. Strands of cheese pulling away as you cut out bite-size pieces as the heavenly aroma of pasta fills the air…

    If that didn’t make you want to get up and order some lasagna for yourself, we’d be surprised. The ultimate Italian dish that combines cooking and baking to result in a delicious layered dish from heaven, it’s a no wonder Garfield loves it so much! You can modify it according to your choice and that is why it’s so many people’s favorite dish!

    Here’s a little bit of a back story for one the most loved dishes in the world, and this is going to shock you- Italy is not the original home of Lasagna. It is actually an invention of the Greeks originally named “Laganon”, and then it was modified by the Italians and later spread all over the world!
    The first bite.

    If you haven’t yet tried it then here’s what you’re missing out on: as the first bite enters your mouth, the taste buds accommodate dozens of different bursting flavors. The seasoned cheese melts in and mixes with the sweet yet tangy flavor of the tomato sauce. All the flavors are guaranteed to lift you up to a completely different level and sooner or later, it’ll definitely top your favorite dishes list.

    If you haven’t yet tried lasagna then it’s definitely worth a shot, you won’t regret it!

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