10 Foods to Boost your Testosterone Levels

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    Kyle CramerKyle Cramer

    Instead of opting for an artificial way to boost your testosterone levels, here are some natural substitutes you can actually try out:
    1. Honey: Honey consists of Boron and nitric acid, both of which are guaranteed to open up your blood vessels and resulting in better blood flow and increased testosterone!

    2. Grapes: Yep, they increase your testosterone levels as well as improving the mobility of your sperm.

    3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It’s the ultimate testosterone booster but make sure the oil is actual authentic, organic olive oil.

    4. Tuna: Tuna boosts your testosterone levels but don’t overdo it! It contains vitamin D which is good for you but it also contains Omega-3, which can be harmful in excess.

    5. Almonds: The Magnesium in almonds is proven to boost your testosterone levels.
    6. Eggs: Eggs with yolk are high in Cholestrol and testosterone. Even though there was a debate about the benefits of eggs, it has now been proven that they are actually good for your health and even better for your testosterone level.

    7. Celery: Yeah, it doesn’t sound so appealing but doctors say that even its smell can increase testosterone levels. That’s because of the apigenin, which helps in the production of testosterone.

    8. Avocados: These have to be the healthiest fruits available! They contain Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, omega-3s, potassium which can improve your health and also your testosterone production.

    9. Citrus Fruits: Contains Vitamin A and C that are excellent for testosterone production. You can even eat them however you like!

    10. Oysters: The high amount of zinc in oysters is responsible for the production of testosterone.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you’ll reap the rewards. Try out the diets mentioned above and feel the difference.

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